Operating Hours


Our temporary (COVID-19) working hours are 7:00 am to 5:00 pm (Monday to Friday).  However, as the need arises, we are beginning to return to our 7:00 am - 7:00 pm as in the past. Weekends and Holidays shall continue to be Reserved for Boarding Dogs only. 

That said, we shall conduct business in a slightly different manner.  As we MUST be Careful, Guarded, and Safe.  The well being of our staff, clients, and charges remains our top priority. 

Our current policy requires all dogs attending our services are to be delivered to one of our staff members at our Ground Floor Entrance to the building. Unfortunately, Owners or Visitors will NOT be permitted entry into the building during the Pandemic. When owners are dropping off or picking up their dogs, we shall ask that they please call us at 416-425-4454. A staff member will meet you at our Ground Floor Entrance and either receive or give you back your dog. 

We ask everyone to PLEASE be patient and understand that we must do our part in order to help stop the progression of this virus. 


Thanking you in advance for your cooperation. 

The Original Dog House Team.

We Are COVID-19 Conscious!

If planning for Unexpected Events & The Care For Your Dog During ‘COVID-19’

This is as important for your Dog as it is for you & your family.

Always have minimum of a 30-day supply of food for your Dog.

  • Ensure you have a crate for your dog that allows him/her to stand up and turn around in the crate without difficulty.

Create a family Dog care plan.


  • Contact neighbours and/or friends and ask them if they would be willing to take care of your Dog in case your entire family becomes ill and must be hospitalized

  • Create a family Dog care document stating your dog’s Feeding Schedule and where the Food/Water is located in your home and if your dog is an inside or outside Dog. Also included in this document should be a copy of your pet’s health records including his Microchip Number & Vaccination status, Health Care Insurance (if applicable) and a picture of your Dog. Also, Emergency Contact Numbers of Relatives/Friends should be included. Provide this document to the people who will be caring for your Dog.

  • Have more than 1 family/person lined up to care of your Dog. As no one knows who the virus will infect next; the more options you have during an emergency the better off your Dog will be.


What should you do during a Serious outbreak?


  • Initiate your family Dog care plan.

  • Contact the first person on your dog care list to see if they are still able to care for your Dog.


  • It is best for your dog to keep him/her in their home environment. If possible, have your Dog-caregiver come to your home to feed and walk your Dog. Ensure you remind them to wash their hands before and after they touch your Dog, as well as before and after they leave your home. There is currently no evidence that dogs can transmit the virus, but surfaces throughout the house may be contaminated for a short period of time (about an hour) after the ill family has departed the premises.

  • If the first caregiver becomes ill, you should go down your list to the next caregiver you had lined up and ask if the second person could take care of your Dog.

  • If your caregiver list is exhausted and your entire family is hospitalized or unable to care for your Dog. Please contact your Vet or local Humane Society to inquire about any Emergency Boarding services/programs they may be offering.

  • If you should have to bring your Dog to be admitted, you will need to bring along: A copy of recent Medical Records – Vaccination status, Microchip number, copy of Agreement for Health Care Insurance and any Medication your Dog is currently on.

  • Pack enough Food for a min of 30 days, as well as having your Dog’s Collar with Tags and his Leash on hand placed somewhere visible.

After the outbreak:


  • You have now recovered from the Virus, and you want to go to the Caregiver’s Facility to pick up your Dog.


You will need to bring along the following:

  • Documentation to prove the Dog is yours

  • A copy of your Dog’s Health Records, including Microchip No.

  • A good picture of your Dog will help save time.



*Celebrating 17 years of Service  to the Leaside, Rosedale, Lawrence Park, Forest Hill, East-York & Mid-Town Toronto communities*

Our Mission at The Original Dog House is to be regarded as


by helping Dogs and their Owners better understand and respect one another.  Thus making Dog ownership a truly pleasurable experience.

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Kevin & Roy Canham

Say HELLO to Kevin & Roy


Congratulations to Lisa, Andy & Family on the arrival of those 2 BEAUTIFUL CORGI - PUPPIES

We must thank their "Aunty Natalie" for the fantastic picture she sent us of these 2 gorgeous Boys in the snow.

All of us at The Original Dog house are waiting impatiently to meet the little guys. 

Please hurry up "Mummy Lisa" and share your Puppies with us.

Your long-time good friends at:


Emily, Eddie, Ted, Megen & David

Read our Blog & keep up to date on current events.


Visit us on Webcam



Joan Pilz & Louie

It is with great sadness that we announce the recent (November 19, 2021) passing of our very good and dear friend Joan.

There are so many good things which we can say about Joan, but to sum up the latter in a few words we can simply say: Kind, Loving, Helpful & Generous.

Before leaving this world, Joan made certain her Louie had a good new home and family to go to. We shall miss this “Wonderful & Special Lady” very much, and would like to extend our most sincere condolences to her 2 sons and their families.

May you rest in peace Joan with your loving husband Willy.


You shall always be in our hearts and memories.

The Original Dog House Team

Emily, Eddie, Ted, Megen & David