Cody "Little Big Man" Canham

2005 - 2020



























Here we go again, losing another long time very Special Friend. What can we say about Cody, he was Secure, Assertive, very Confident and also both Funny and Fun to have around.


For those who knew him well (as David did) Cody was a very Sweet, Gentle, Affectionate and a particularly Loyal Friend.


That said, as the years passed Cody slowly began to become more and more receptive and social to dogs and our staff.


We all loved the little guy and he without a doubt returned our love by being a good and very respectful boy.


We at The Original Dog House would like to extend our Sincere condolences to Cody’s family: Lisa, Andy, Tom & Natalie. We shall remember Cody with smiles on our faces.


With our Love,

The Original Dog House Team  

Emily, Eddie, Ted, Megen, Doug & David

Cody Canham.jpg