Czar Shama

2008 - 2017






It is with great sadness and pain that I announce the untimely passing of my wonderful friend on April 13th, 2017. Czar’s passing was so quick and abrupt that both Marilyn and I are still unable to accept it.

It was on the morning of April 13th when I noticed that his stomach seemed to be sagging and swollen that was when I called the Leaside Animal Clinic and spoke to Dr Ruth Weintrop who told me to bring Czar in at once.

Within minutes of our  arrival Dr Weintrop knew exactly what we were dealing with and the X-rays  confirmed it to be a “ruptured bleeding spleen compounded by a Tumour”. In fact Czar was hemorrhaging internally. It was then I decided I did not want my good friend to suffer any more than he already was. At that point I asked Dr Weintrop to please help him rest peacefully as my Czar did not deserve to suffer. Dr Weintrop was like an angel the way she talked to both Czar and I, she gave Czar a peaceful sleep while his head was in my arms and looking into my eyes.

Czar has left a big hole in our hearts, but the wonderful memories we had together will help ease the pain. His brother Ari will step up to the plate and continue his work with me as Czar had done 5 years ago when Dash passed.

Marilyn & I would like to thank The Original Dog House team for their support and their unconditional love for Czar, as well as to thank Dr. Weintrop and her team at the Leaside Animal Clinic for all they have done for Czar over the years.

Rest In Peace my Wonderful Friend until we meet again.


With My Love & Gratitude,