Etta – Mae Farquhar (1997−2010)











It is with great sad­ness that we announce the pass­ing of Etta-Mae on June 28, 2010. Etta was res­cued by Bobby Far­quhar and Anna McGib­bon when she was 2 years old from Kim Arthur DVM. Etta had been aban­doned by her for­mer own­ers at Dr Arthur’s clinic, for­tu­nately Dr Arthur kept her at the clinic for almost 2 years until Bobby and Anna stepped up and adopted Etta in 2000.


Life was an excit­ing expe­ri­ence with Etta, unfor­tu­nately, from the onset she suf­fered with some health prob­lems and those were exac­er­bated by some behav­ioural issues which she had devel­oped due to a lack of early social­iza­tion with dogs while wait­ing to be adopted.


For­tu­nately, Etta struck gold inso­far as to her 2 new won­der­ful Moms, they loved her at once and she returned every ounce of the love she received. How­ever, in order to be proac­tive both Bobby and Anna imme­di­ately con­tacted The Orig­i­nal Dog House Inc. and enlisted David’s help to reha­bil­i­tate Etta from her aggres­sive behav­iour with dogs.


Within a short time under David’s watch­ful eye, Etta’s self con­fi­dence started to develop and soon there­after David inte­grated her into his day­care pro­gram. Etta’s rehab was a com­plete suc­cess; she enjoyed the com­pany of dogs and was taught how to social­ize and play safely.  Etta had a full and happy life with her fam­ily and friends, she leaves behind her Mom Anna and her 4 legged sis­ter Tippy.


Rest in Peace girl under the watch­ful eye of your Mom Bobby.


You will always be in our mem­o­ries and hearts.