We are pleased to announce "Doug Buckingham" a name which has 

and still is recognized as being at the highest possible level for 

 "Excellence in Dog Grooming"


 After having taken an extended leave of absence Doug is back and has 

joined forces with "The Original Dog House".

To contact Doug: Call (416)-425-4454

A visit to our Salon will have your dog look­ing and feel­ing his/her absolute best!


A clean, healthy coat reduces odour, pre­vents mat­ting, and can avoid health prob­lems.

It is a proven fact that good groom­ing is not a lux­ury but a neces­sity because of its over­all

pos­i­tive benefits.



 Our Salon Provides:


  • A cer­ti­fied and expe­ri­enced Master Groomer

  • All groom­ing equip­ment is dis­in­fected after use

  • Easy access bathtub

  • High­est qual­ity sham­poos and conditioners


Our Master Groomer is paitent, calm, and gen­tle (in fact some dogs will fall asleep while being groomed).

We offer every­thing from a basic brush outs, to spe­cialized groom­ing, styling, and a ‘3-step De-Shedding’ pro­gram which can reduce shed­ding from 65% – 85%! For the ulti­mate expe­ri­ence, you can com­bine your dogs groom­ing visit to incor­po­rate Structured Day­care as well.


*Please call us for Grooming appointments*

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