LOO SHAMA ("Sweet Loo")










The Orig­i­nal Dog House would like to announce the pass­ing of Loo Shama.

Loo passed away peace­fully on Thurs­day June 6, 2013, sur­rounded by her lov­ing fam­ily

(her mom Mar­i­lyn her dad David and her brother Czar).  Dr Ruth Wein­trop of the Lea­side Ani­mal Clinic and good friend of the Shama fam­ily was there to help make Loo as com­fort­able as pos­si­ble dur­ing her final moments.


About 2 years ago Loo had lost her left eye as a result of a con­di­tion which seems to afflict the Boxer breed gen­er­ally caus­ing their eyes to develop ulcers on the eye­balls, this con­di­tion at times may be cured top­i­cally and/or sur­gi­cally depend­ing on the size and/or sever­ity of the ulcer/s. Unfor­tu­nately, some 10 days ago Loo once again dis­played the same symp­toms she had pre­vi­ously dis­played with the eye she had lost and now an ulcer was diag­nosed in her healthy eye the ulcer was big, aggres­sive and very painful.


Under the direc­tion of Dr Wein­trop Loo’s eye was imme­di­ately treated top­i­cally for 4 days, she was to be med­icated every 2 hours around the clock in the hope of stop­ping and heal­ing the ulcer.

Unfor­tu­nately, when Dr Wein­trop exam­ined her this morn­ing the ulcer had in fact dou­bled in size and along with that came increased pain and dete­ri­o­rat­ing vision. Loo was suf­fer­ing once again. There was no way that Mar­i­lyn and David were going to pro­long her pain and dis­com­fort in order to test other pos­si­ble med­ical options in order to see if they may or may not work.  such, Mar­i­lyn and David along with the sup­port of Dr Wein­trop decided that it was time to let Loo go because it would be self­ish of them regard­less of much as they loved her to see her con­tinue to suf­fer in silence.


At 9:55am on the morn­ing June 7, Loo went off to join her best friend Dash for a much deserved peace­ful and pain free rest. Mar­i­lyn, David & Czar stayed with their Loo right to the end and as was brave Loo’s nature she went off to sleep peace­fully com­forted in David’s arms.

Mar­i­lyn & David are grate­ful to Dr Ruth Wein­trop for her care and com­pas­sion to Loo and her fam­ily dur­ing this very dif­fi­cult time.


Rest In Peace  Loo–Loo Belle


With all our LOVE from The Orig­i­nal Dog House Team