Meet Our Team

David & Ari

Director & Senior Behaviour Specialist


 David is the founding father and visionary behind The Original Dog House, earning him the nickname "The Dog Father". Three years into his early retirement after a successful career in business, he decided to live out his long-time dream of working with dogs, which led to the creation of an "Ultimate Centre for Dogs". Since the age of 9, David has been infatuated with dogs, and has always gravitated towards the German Shepherd breed. For many years, he focused his free time to the rescue of German Shepherds that were labelled incorrigible or non-adoptable, yet time and time again he proved several rescue organizations to be wrong in their assessments of the dogs he took on. David believes that just about all dogs can be helped and rehabilitated if someone who has a sound understanding of canine behaviour handles them ‘Fairly but Firmly’.

Over the years his inherent talent to work with and rehabilitate difficult and/or dangerous dogs preceded him and led to having numerous friends, neighbours etc., ask him for help regarding their dog problems. The Original Dog House has given David the platform and opportunity to live out his passion. Since starting the company David has worked with a variety of dogs that displayed a variety of behavioural issues and this in turn allowed him the privilege to meet and work with many of their wonderful owners. David, in conjunction with The Original Dog House team are also committed in rescuing dogs that would have otherwise been put down. Once the rehabilitation process of the rescues is successfully completed, David and his team will work hard to find each dog a new and safe forever home.

In recognition of David’s work and dedication in helping problematic/needy dogs, he was awarded the prestigious WALLY KOEGLER AWARD in 2009 by the Kitchener Waterloo Humane Society. The KW Humane Society recognized David for his selfless work at rehabilitating and re-homing several of the Humane Society’s troubled dogs who required significant behaviour rehabilitation. David provided both his and his company’s services at no cost to the KW Humane Society.  Currently, David and his wife Marilyn (a retired teacher) are empty nesters living in Toronto. They share their lives with their wonderful friend Ari a rescued German Shepherd, who is always present in David’s office at The Original Dog House.




Megan & Kody

Business Man­ager & Obe­di­ence Trainer


Megan joined The Orig­i­nal Dog House in 2005 as a Co-op stu­dent. When she com­pleted high school she went on to St. Lawrence College.  Dur­ing school, Megan con­tin­ued to work at The Orig­i­nal Dog House in a variety of posi­tions and always made a con­cen­trated effort to keep in close con­tact with the dogs because those have always been her dri­ving passion. As time moved on, Megan the con­sum­mate dog lover also became involved in sev­eral respon­si­ble admin­is­tra­tive posi­tions at TODH which gave her a broader view and under­stand­ing of the inner run­ning of a client dri­ven business.  Now years later, after hav­ing acquired exten­sive hands-on expe­ri­ence within the canine indus­try, Megan was pro­moted to Buisness Man­ager.  Megan is a hands-on indi­vid­ual and leads her team of dog pro­fes­sion­als by prac­tic­ing the philosophy of always being firm but fair when dealing with our Clients dogs. Megan is always avail­able to everyone, and if not at her desk the best way to find her is to look for her big lovable Golden Retriever Kody.



Emily & Lester 

Services Manager & Obedience Training 

We are pleased to welcome back Emily, who took a leave of absence. Emily joined our team in November 2017. She brings along with her a wealth of knowledge regarding animals in general having worked for several years at a veterinarian clinic in Toronto. Over the years she has been exposed to many different breeds of dogs and is quite knowledgeable about K9 wellness. Emily is currently apprenticing under the guidance of David to become a Behaviour Specialist. 


Emily is a passionate dog lover through and through as she is a kind and nurturing person. 


Welcome back to The Original Dog House Emily!



Ted & Yogi

Dog Handler & Behaviour Specialist IT

Ted recently joined our Team as a Dog Handler and to apprentice under the direction of David & Eddie as a Behaviour Specialist IT.

This personable young man brings along a wealth of medical animal knowledge having just about completed a degree in Veterinarian Medicine in the Philippines.

Ted is a very patient and gentle individual who has decided to gather as much information as possible on dogs and dog ownership in Canada.


Welcome on board Ted.


Eddie & Rambo

Lead Behaviour Modification (Rehab) Specialist

We are pleased to announce the return of Eddie.

Eddie had been with us as a Handler, Obedience Trainer and a Behaviour Modification Specialist (Rehab) for several years.

About 2 years ago Eddie took some time off to travel and to connect with family and friends.

After having satisfied his travelling lust, he decided to return to The Original Dog House to continue his work with dogs.

Eddie will be heading the Behaviour Modification (Rehab) segment of the company as he excelled within that department.

We are very glad to have you back Eddie.



Megen & Louie

Summer Intern

Megan recently joined us as a Co-op student.

Although this young lady does not have experience with dogs, she has jumped right in and endeared herself to all (4 legged & 2 legged). Megan is a consummate dog lover.

Welcome on board Megan!





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