Behaviour Rehabilitation & Modification

Our motto is ‘Pre­ven­tion is Bet­ter Than Cure’; If your dog has a ten­dency towards bad behav­iour, don’t despair. With a bit of firm but fair reha­bil­i­ta­tion, we can help you cor­rect unwanted behav­iours. Bet­ter yet, we can teach you how to curb unwanted behav­iours before they become bad habits.


Most of the time your dog will have you laugh­ing at his antics, but once in awhile these antics won’t be funny. Most dogs will do a naughty thing now and then, like jump­ing up on guests or chew­ing your favourite car­pet. This is nat­ural. But when your dog con­tin­ues to mis­be­have and is repeat­ing the same unwanted behav­iour, at this point, you may have a seri­ous prob­lem on your hands. You are now faced with an unwanted habit which will be dif­fi­cult to stop. Please see below for some com­mon unwanted behav­iours we can help you deal with,

  • Aggres­sion - dri­ven by possession

  • Aggres­sion - dri­ven by fear

  • Aggres­sion - dri­ven by territoriality

  • Aggres­sion - dri­ven by guarding

  • Bark­ing

  • Beg­ging

  • Difficult to be handled

  • Continuously Jump­ing up

  • Sep­a­ra­tion anxiety


Note: It is also impor­tant we point out that often a dog can dis­play more than one of the above unwanted behav­iours at the same time.

Aggressive GSD.JPG
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