Dogs Have Toronto Yards Going To Waste


There was an arti­cle that was recently writ­ten in the Toronto Star.

Although many peo­ple pick up after their dogs, there is appar­ently a large num­ber of pet own­ers that do not.

By: Joe Fiorito Colum­nist, Pub­lished on Wed Aug 20 2014

“Now to pick up — per­haps to stoop and scoop up — where I left off. As you know, I have an ongo­ing con­cern about dogs on lawns in the city. I do not under­stand why some own­ers feel as if they have the right to let their dogs drop or water at will on what is oth­er­wise pri­vate property.

"You might think I am a crank, but you do not clean the crap from my rake or my mower, nor do you wash my gar­den­ing gloves, nor do you tend those plants of mine which wither under daily sprays of canine urine."

There are, how­ever, a grow­ing num­ber of peo­ple, includ­ing dog own­ers, who agree with me that dogs should be curbed.”

To read to full story click on the link below.

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