Why Adopting/Rescuing A Dog Can Be A Fulfilling Experience

1) You could potentially be saving a good dog's life.

2) You would be helping shelters by allowing them to help more dogs.

3) You could be giving a good dog a second chance.

4) The amount paid by you to the shelter would help fund future rescues.

5) In many cases, rescued dogs may have already been trained by former owners, therefore making it much easier on you.

6) You would help reduce the unwanted dog population.

7) Most regulated shelters will have their dogs examined and/or treated by veterinarians thus insuring their dogs are healthy.

8) You would also be helping to eradicate Puppy Mills.

9) All dogs which are adopted from reputable shelters will have already been neutered/spayed. This would be a major saving to the new owner.

10) Dogs are wonderful creatures who are often misunderstood.

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