Some Helpful Tips To Make Walking Your Dog More Enjoyable

October 19, 2014

Many peo­ple avoid tak­ing their dogs out for a walk because they have trou­ble try­ing to keep their dog under con­trol.  Whether the dogs pulling, bark­ing, lung­ing, or other prob­lems.  Don’t worry though, there is hope!  Here are some help­ful tips on dog walking.


1.  Always be aware of Energy/State of Mind & Body Language:

Always try to Com­mu­ni­cate to your dog that “I am the Pack Leader”. Keep your head up and shoul­ders back.  Always be think­ing pos­i­tive thoughts and envi­sion your walk going well.  You just might be sur­prised of the results.


2.  Keep the dog leash short, but NOT TIGHT:

This sim­ple tip can save you a lot of headaches.  Flexi-leashes and other longer leashes make it harder and more frus­trat­ing for you to

com­mu­ni­cate with your dog and eas­ier for her to go wher­ever she wants, mak­ing your walk very long and hard. But, don’t for­get, it’s also impor­tant to keep the dog leash loose. If you make a cor­rec­tion fol­low­ing a prob­lem

behav­ior, it should be quick and and done with assertive­ness, then the dog leash should be returned to the relaxed state, and you con­tinue on your way.


3.  Posi­tion your dog’s col­lar at the top of their neck:


 A lot of peo­ple are under the impres­sion that using a har­ness on a dog is bet­ter, or maybe more comfortable for the dog.  But if you’ve ever seen a sled­ding dog, you’ll notice that the har­ness is around the lower part of the dog’s neck, near the shoul­ders. Why? This is where the dog’s pulling power is located. You’re actu­ally help­ing your dog to pull you around if you have the col­lar placed there. Instead, posi­tion it on the upper neck, which is the most sen­si­tive area.  It will also give you more con­trol of your dogs head dur­ing your walk, allow­ing you to keep their focus mainly on their walk and not their surroundings.




Check Back soon for some more help­ful hints to get you through your walk.


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