The Famous Grass Eating Question

October 19, 2014

Why Dog Dogs eat grass and then promptly vomit?


  • The Truth is that we are not 100% sure as to why, because different dogs appear to eat grass for different reasons.


  • One though is that some dogs may find grass to be tasty.


  • In some cases it could be they are filling a nutritional need that their normal food does not.


  • In other cases when some dogs were switched to a higher fiber diet, the grass eating appears to have stopped or diminished.


  • In other instances it is thought that the behaviour occurs when dogs feel that they have an upset stomach and need to be relieved by vomitting whatever it is that is causing their symptoms.  In fact it is as though they are self medicating.


  • In more serious cases (when the behaviour is continious) it may make it necessary to have your vet examine your dog for the possibility of gastric reflux, bowel disease, etc.


  • The Key to helping your dog when he/she displays this behaviour is to be observant / vigelent by being proactive and speaking to your vet who will be the best source of information.



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