Important Information Regarding Ticks

TICKS and the DISEASES they carry.

  • Ticks and the diseases they carry are found all over Canada & the USA.

  • All dogs and their owners could be at risk of infections, such as Lyme Disease.

  • Most Tick-borne diseases show few or no symptoms.

  • A prevention plan can help keep you and your dog safe.

Based upon the above, all owners should discuss the current situation regarding Ticks with their veterinarian and/or family doctor in order to understand the risks and to prevent possible infection.

Tick-borne Diseases:

1. LYME DISEASE (can lead to lameness, kidney failure & death).

2. ANAPLASMOSIS (can lead to lameness and/or bleeding disorders) .

3. EHRLICHIOSIS (can result in joint pain & lameness; may affect production of blood cells.


Lyme: Is carried by the Deer Tick and or the Western Black-Legged Tick.

Anaplasmosis: Is carried by the Deer Tick and Brown Dog Tick.

Ehrlinchiosis: Is carried by the Brown Dog Tick and the Lone Star Tick.

If you or your dog display any of the following symptoms you must see your family doctor and/or veterinarian at once.

  • Lameness, reluctance to move or exercise.

  • Swollen and/or painful joints (dogs will whimper when touched).

  • Lack of energy and/or depression.

  • Loss of appetite and/or weight.

  • Runny nose and eyes.

  • A mild persistent cough.


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