Controlling Your Dog's Fear


1. When dogs are afraid, they will often react by coming on strong in order to frighten everyone and/or everything away.

2. In order to help your dog’s confidence, you yourself must feel confident. Please do not talk to your dog as though they’re a child. Instead, help build your dog’s confidence by assuming your role as a strong and assertive leader.

3. You must teach your dog which behaviours are acceptable and which behaviours are not. This is especially important for younger dogs, as they often get carried away in the moment.

4. The worst thing to tell your dog is “it’s ok, don’t worry” as this will only reinforce their fears. They key is for you to relax, take a deep breath and move on. Always remember to feed into your dog’s strengths and not their weaknesses.

5. There must be a consequence for bad behvaiours. A firm NO or ENOUGH is usually all it takes to correct the unwanted behaviour. Your dog must understand that there is zero tolerance for any form of aggression towards anyone.

5. Dogs wear their hearts on their paws (so to speak), as such they will always communicate their feelings well in advance before acting on them. Therefore it is up to you (the owner) to watch your dog and understand what is happening in order to correct the unwanted behaviour before it occurs.

6. A wagging tail does not always mean happiness. It can also mean the dog is nervous, anxious, or scared.

7. There are many forms of aggression and they can be driven by many unwanted behaviours, such as: Territoriality, Dominance, Fear, Possession, Defensive, etc. If unwanted behaviours are not dealt with in their early stages, they will compound on one another, which will make them more difficult to address.

8. Please note, aggression is a learnt behaviour. As such, it is up to you as the owner not to set your dog up to fail.

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