Dog-Friendly Tips for a Safer, Warmer Winter

The other day I received an email from a dog blog post that I follow. I found the blog that was posted by Sarah Hatheway very helpful. I wanted to share my findings with all of you. Please see the blog post below.


You’ve readied your dog for colder temperatures with his warmest sweater and comfiest booties—but is your house prepped to be pet-friendly this season? Winter can bring with it a slew of things our pets can get their noses into, from anti-freeze to pine needles to salts. Run through our helpful checklist to ensure you’ve prepped your home so your pup stays safe all winter long.

Bring Outdoor Dogs In

If possible, bring your outdoor pets inside for the winter. If your pup must stay in the yard, it’s a smart idea to invest in a heated shelter with plenty of dry bedding to protect him from the elements. Keep an eye on water bowls to ensure they aren’t freezing, and use plastic instead of metal dishes so your pup won’t get their tongue stuck. Finally, pour in some extra kibble at mealtimes—outdoor dogs need the additional caloric boost to help them keep warm.

Check the Thermostat

Dogs do get chilly, despite the built-in fur coats! Walk through your space and check for any frigid spots, particularly around windows and doors. If your dog’s bed is in a cold zone, move it someplace cozier, and don’t skimp on the blankets!

Remove All Chemicals

Automotive antifreeze may taste sweet to dogs, but it’s extremely toxic to their system. Keep the solution in a closed cabinet and out of your pooch’s reach to prevent a trip to the emergency room. Many ice-melting substances, such as road salt, can also irritate dogs’ feet, so be sure to provide a thorough paw wipe after your daily walk.

Practice Leash Smarts

This is a biggie: keep your dog on the leash. The holidays can bring a higher amount of foot traffic in and out of your home and sadly this can make it all too easy for animals to escape and become lost during harsh winter weather. Be sure your dog’s ID tags and microchip are up to date to ensure your dog will be returned home safely.

Dog-Proof Your Yard

Dogs love leaping into piles of leaves and fresh snowbanks! However, these seasonal playgrounds can camouflage potentially harmful objects and substances. Do a sweep of your own yard to remove anything that might present a problem—like broken glass, bones, excess pine needles, or unfamiliar food—and monitor your dog closely during playtime.

Keep your furry friend safe and warm with these helpful tips this Holiday Season. Don't forget how much fun it is to play in the snow, because we know your pup would love to have fun with you in the snow as well!

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