Pharaoh, The Beautiful German Shepherd

Hello Everyone, As some of you may know Pharaoh (the beautiful German Shepherd) was recently entrusted to David and the Original Dog House Team by his loving Mom (Karen) due to the fact that this lovely young lady was recently offered a major promotion within the organization she works for. Karen almost turned down the promotion offered to her due to the fact that there would be no way for her to take on the necessary extensive travel the new position required and for her to be able to be there for her very special boy ‘Pharaoh’. When in conversation Karen mentioned to David her dilemma, he immediately told Karen that being considered for a promotion within an organization such as hers is a privilege and an opportunity which may not present itself again and as an upwardly mobile executive she just cannot walk away from such an offer. As for her Pharaoh, David promised Karen that he would do all he could to find him a good, safe and loving new home. This would give Karen peace of mind knowing that Pharaoh is with a loving family. Today March 18th at 11:00 am Karen’s and David’s wishes were answered when David's eldest son Derek and his family (wife Wendy & children Samantha "Sam" 9, Ethan 16 & Matthew 19) met Pharaoh. It was instant “Love at First Sight" all around, now Pharaoh has found his new forever home.

All's well that ends well.

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