Teaka Barber








Sadly, we would like to announce the recent passing of our good friend Teaka.

What can we say about Teaka, this girl was a true survivor, having been surrendered to the Toronto Humane Society at least twice before having been adopted by her forever family (Vinyse, Derek & Claymore).

While still in the care of the Toronto Humane Society (THS) she suffered a torn cruciate and underwent surgery with their Veterinarians. After the surgery Teaka was once again placed for adoption and it was then that she was adopted by Vinyse, Derek & her new big brother Claymore. Unfortunately, since then Teaka had to undergo 2 additional knee surgeries.


After the surgeries, Teaka recovered at home under the watchful eyes of Vinyse. As her recovery progressed she continued to bond with her big brother Claymore and as the days passed Teaka in fact became very protective of her very good friend and brother Claymore.


It should be noted that both Vinyse and Derek are highly devoted and motivated animal lovers. These 2 wonderful people would be regularly rescuing unwanted and/or stray animals and would continuously be welcoming a variety of animals into their home.


During that time, Teaka learned to accept a variety of rescues and this included some palliative kittens which her Mom & Dad had brought home. We had the privilege to get to know and care for Teaka and her brother Claymore for several years and we will always fondly remember the feisty and very vocal Teaka who would always get our in-house pack of dogs excited as soon as soon as she would enter our off-leash Playroom.


All the members of The Original Dog House Team would like to extend their heartfelt condolences to Vinyse and Derek for the loss of their feisty Teaka.


Rest in Peace Girl.


With Love from All Your 4 & 2 legged Friends at The Original Dog House,


Megan, Audrey, Shannon, Eddie, Martina & David